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Westin Diplomat Resort Premiers

The Westin Diplomat Resort launched their new web site November 3, 2004.  The site is packed with functionality, from dip cams to spa and restaurant reservations to animated golf course previews.  The Diplomat Resort is loaded with functionality and a joy to behold.  The Aquifer Content Management System makes much of this possible.  Aquifer offers the Diplomat staff an easy to use, affordable, powerful and flexible tool for managing every square inch of the web site.  The choice to go with Aquifer ASP was the easiest part of the process.

“This is a premier web site,” exclaimed David Wallis, President of Liquid Development.  “It is the perfect example of form, function and design.  Every page of the site is easily accessible through well thought out and well planned navigation.  It is truly a model to admire”

Action Online, an AquiferCMS partner, handled each aspect of the sites design, production and creation.  Their staff worked closely with the Diplomat’s marketing group to create a product designed to attract new business and provide a wealth of information to both current customers and future prospects.

Action Online
Mary Hall
(866) 201 – 2872

David Wallis
Liquid Development

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