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.Net Application Development Best Practices
This article includes:
  • Top Ten Application Trends
  • Top CIO Pressures
  • The Next Step in Application Development
  • Outsourcing Benefits: Local versus Near Versus Outsourcing
  • Top 10 Application Development Projects in 2007
Download the report: Development Best Practices

Simplifying Business Processes
This technology report includes:
  • Economic Value of BPM
  • BPM Successes By Department
  • Initiating BPM in Your Organization
  • BPM Metrics,Dashboards,and Reporting
  • The Future of BPM
Download the report: Simplifying Business Processes

Top Six Criteria to Ensuring Intelligent Web CMS Purchase
This report builds a business case for Web CMS and details six criteria for evaluating Web CMS alternatives. This Web CMS report also includes:
  • How-to Distinguish Between Content Management and Content Maintenance
  • Content Creation, Reuse, and Usage Standards
  • Building the Business Case: Web CMS Return on Investment (ROI)
Download the report: CMS Purchase

Business Improvement Made Simple via ROAD Methodology
This complimentary report discusses application development trends and provides insight for IT professionals that are currently considering the outsourcing of application development.

This report for IT executives includes:

  • Biggest IT Pressures Today
  • 2007’s Most Popular IT Projects
  • Cost-benefit analysis of in-house versus outsourcing application development
  • Application Development History
  • Agile Development Roadblocks
  • ROAD Methodology Principles and 3 Step Application Development Process
  • Case study best practices such as Sales Pricing Forecaster and Compliance Accounting
Download the report: ROAD Methodology

University of St. Thomas Launches New Site
Finally the launch we’ve all been waiting for has arrived!

Traemand launches Aquifer site
Traemand Installation Services launches their new web site.  The web site was designed from the ground up to draw customers into the Traemand experience.

Westin Diplomat Resort Premiers
The Westin Diplomat Resort launches their new web site. 

The Council on Alcohol and Drug chose Aquifer
The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston has chosen the Aquifer Content Management System.

Consolidated Graphics chooses Aquifer CMS
PRNewswire - Consolidated Graphics, Inc. of Houston, Texas has chosen Aquifer CMS to power their new Web site. Liquid Development’s Aquifer CMS is one of the few full featured, out of the box, content management systems available on the market today.

VeriCenter to host Aquifer Content Management System
Liquid Development has chosen VeriCenter to host the Aquifer Content Management System.

Puffer Sweiven goes with Aquifer
Houston, Texas – Liquid Development license’s Aquifer CMS to Puffer-Sweiven.  Aquifer CMS is one of the few full featured, out of the box, content management systems available on the market today.

Real Time Web Presence
After nearly a year, your website overhaul is complete and all agree the new site projects exactly the right image and message desired.  It took a lot of time and money to get there, not to mention complicated company coordination, but all are pleased.

Houston Zoo Teases Tourism with Real-Time Site
With an eye towards luring tourists to visit, the Houston Zoo‚s overhauled web site goes live on the worldwide web today, giving zoo education and worldwide conservation efforts an unprecedented reach into living rooms nationwide. Powered by Aquifer· Content Management System from Houston-headquartered Liquid Development, is arguably the most interactive and real-time zoo web site in the world.

Wagner Media goes live with dynamic rentals
The speed of change in the wholesale rental world of large venue projection is staggering.  New products are announced everyday and companies like Wagner Media, recognized leaders in their field, are expected to understand and introduce these new technologies.

Liquid Development Launches Hosted Version
Liquid Development is proud to announce that the power of Aquifer CMS is now available to small and medium sized business as a hosted application.

The Houston Zoo Story
When The Houston Zoo was faced with an overnight transition from a city-run entity to an in-dependent private organization, we knew that finding new ways to communicate with the public would be critical to our success. Finding the right tools and right team for a website overhaul was at the top of our agenda.

The Hidden Costs of Stale Sites
We’ve all spent time looking for information on a company, a product or a service on the web and ended up at websites that contain outdated information or an outdated look and feel.  Whenever this happens we tend to get frustrated and look elsewhere for the information, product or service.  This lost customer interaction leads to lost sales, which is the most obvious cost to not keeping your website current.  As if lost sales aren’t bad enough, there are many other costs (both hard and soft) that are often overlooked. 

10 tips ensure intelligent CMS purchases - Marketing News
Dynamic and topical Web sites have rapidly become a staple of sophisticated marketing initiatives. Just as quickly, a number of Web content management systems (CMS) have promised to deliver the flexibility needed to manage Web site life cycles . CMS products can cost as little as a few hundred or as much as several hundred thousand dollars. Price tag alone is not the entire picture, however, and anyone who attempts to equate cost with capabilities can quickly come to wrong conclusions. I offer here 10 tips to help you make intelligent CMS purchasing decisions by setting up apples-to-apples criteria of how to compare one CMS product to another.

The New Do's and Don'ts of Web Design - Direct Marketing Magazine
Web content automation is often key to the greater success of an Internet marketing campaign. Through this approach, Web site control is ceded to those who truly need the site to communicate to customers and prospects. Before you employ a content management system, however, you should consider these seven essential rules.  An article by David Wallis President of Liquid Development.

CMS Advanced Concepts 2: Workflow and Role-Based Security
This webcast presents two advanced topics in plain and simple terms, describes them, and discusses the advantages for your clients.  Like the last webcast, these might be topics you've heard of but are unsure of their application to content management and your clients in particular.  After this webcast, you''ll be discussing workflow and role-based security with the pros!

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